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M​ila is a lovely F1 minigoldendoodle out of our very own Nina. Hence her exceptional intelligence, good bone structure, and retriever looks. Mila is extremely trainable and eager to please.​ She is now retired.
Nanu is our smallest F1 English cream mini. Weighing in at 18 pounds, she is our smallest minigoldendoodle. She is the image of perfection with her soft cashmere like coat and black shading around her eyes and big black nose! Nanu is full of fun and always ready for a cuddle! She will have amazing small F1b mini puppies.
​Mocha is a lovely F1 minigoldendoodle with a heavier frame and a very calm and quiet disposition. She has gorgeous eyes and is a very sociable and playful dog! Mocha is now retired.

Berta is our lovely resident rock star. She is an F1 mid-size golden doodle from Nina and Montana. She is a stunning reddish colour with a soft wavy coat. This girl is very smart and trainable and retrieves perfectly. She weighs forty pounds and has big paws and a heavier bone structure - all of which adds up to a gorgeous doodle!
Callie is an overgrown hug. She loves people and thinks she is a lapdog! With excellent conformation and a soft wavy coat she is a dog to love! She is a pup from Nina and has inherited the big paws, big black nose, heavier bone structure and sweet loving disposition.
Callie is a full-size F1 goldendoodle.
Latté is a full sister to Callie and is another "quintessential doodle," simply the best of doodles for  temperament, personality and looks. She is extremely smart and trainable. Like Callie, she resembles an overgrown puppy because of her large paws and heavier frame. Latté is now retired.
We would like to recognize these dogs for their contribution to the outstanding genetics and wonderful temperaments of Peaches and Cream Goldendoodles. 
Nina, our gorgeous, blocky English cream type golden retriever has great conformation and the perfect happy golden retriever temperament to go with it! She consistently amazes us with her beautiful and trainable pups. She is the foundation of our breeding program. She is now retired.