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Abbey is an F1b mini-goldendoodle.

Hello Carolynn...
As Abbey approaches her 6 month birthday on Friday, I thought I would send you an update!
She is doing very well - fitting in great with our family - Brian even commented a while back that it seems like we have had her for a much longer time!
Don't get me wrong - she certainly can be challenging at times - like when she has too much built up energy, but for the most part is doing very well!
She passed puppy training with flying colors - the instructor says she is very smart!
We think she is brilliant!
Best regards,
Winnipeg, MB
Arlo is an F1b mini-goldendoodle.

Hello Carolynn,
Just can’t tell you how much we love this guy. He has the best personality, we sometimes are not sure what he thinks of us. J
He is so calm and gentle with everyone he meets. He gets his final round of shots on Friday. I am so glad we waited, as I feel we got the Dog that was meant for us.
Take care,
Swift Current, SK
Enzo is a mid-sized F1b goldendoodle.

Our little dood, Enzo, from Crema's August litter, is coming up on a year old! This dog has made our hearts grow ten times bigger. His is such a good natured dog. He is so gentle with babies and kids, so friendly to strangers, loves to be chased by other (slower) dogs at the dog park. He loves playing with his brother, Rupert. It has been so fun to have two dogs from the same litter in our family. These boys just have so much fun together. We are so in love with Enzo and are so glad we made the decision to use you as our breeder. He now weighs about 26 pounds.
Thanks again!
Saskatoon, SK
Rupert is a mid-sized F1b goldendoodle.

Hi Carolynn,
We wanted to check in at the year mark to say that this little guy is totally the centre of our world. We love him with all of our hearts and I can't imagine not having him in our lives!

Rupert is constantly being complimented for looking like a teddy bear, and for how soft his coat is. He is a gentle soul. He's never growled at us, even when we have to reach in his mouth to take out whatever thing he's trying to munch on (like bottle caps) or even his bone. He's so good natured and especially loves kids. We weighed him a few weeks ago and he was 48 pounds. 
Rupert sees his brother Enzo (Tipper) multiple times per week. They are best friends!
Anyways, thank you again for blessing us with Rupes. This guy has lots left to learn, but we seriously couldn't be happier with him. 

Talk soon,
Erin & Chris
Saskatoon, SK
​Willow is a mid-size F1 goldendoodle.

Hi Carolynn,
Well it has been 9 months since we got our doodle Willow from you. Willow is turning into a beautiful fluff ball & love her to pieces. She is quite the character & keeps us on our toes while providing us with many laughs & loveable moments. Thank you for your assistance answering my many questions & inquiries. I would highly recommend Peaches & Cream.
​Saskatoon, SK
Jack is full-size F1b goldendoodle.

​Our beloved golden doodle Jack will be 7 years old Nov. 2nd. He has become the mascot at our local elementary school. He visits two half days a week. The kids read to him, cuddle him, love him, and come running when Jack arrives. The staff too are always happy to hug, pet or stroke! Today he will be honoured at a school wide assembly. So many times we have said, 'If only we could clone him!'

Jack is the best of the best! He is the perfect poster dog for unconditional love😊Everybody knows Jack! He is a teddy bear of love. 🎉👍
Sherwood Park, AB

Jack received the Alberta Teachers' Association 2016 VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR AWARD at Woodbridge Farms Elementary in Sherwood Park. 

Yogi is a mid-size F1b goldendoodle from Callie and Bono. 

Hi Carolynn,
Yogi is doing very well and we just finished his fourth “manners” class tonight. His teacher often comments how smart he is. He was out paddleboarding at the lake last weekend and enjoys the water. He sure is a good boy!
Brandon, MB
Molly is an F1b mini-goldendoodle

Hi Carolynn,
From the first day we saw Molly we knew she would be the right fit for our family. She is very intelligent, energetic, affectionate, and believe it or not she's even a little funny. Molly never seizes to amaze us, she loves playing with all types dogs and is amazing with children; even as a puppy she knows to be gentle. Peaches and Cream made choosing our puppy very easy, they were prompt when answering my questions, offered additional information and were always very friendly. When we decide to add another furbaby to our family we will definitely use them again.
​Chestermere, AB
Pippin is an F1b mini-goldendoodle, and Maverick is a full-size F2b.

Hi Carolynn,
Whenever there are kids playing outside they always ask if they can pat Maverick. We always say yes and Mavi always sits patiently as kids big and small marvel at how soft his fur is. When we get to the dog park Maverick greets all the people as enthusiastically as he does the dogs and plays very well with dogs big and small, young and old. Mavi can often be found upsidedown on the bed or snuggled between Mom and Dad and his new baby (human) sister on the couch.In short, Maverick is calm when he needs to be, very quick to learn and as happy a dog that has ever been. We all just love Mavi and we are so thankful we chose you as breeders.
Jessica           Surrey, BC

​Hi Carolynn,
​Pip has such a wonderful personality! He is so mischievous and playful and then also so loving and warm hearted. We just adore him! He currently loves going to the beach and swimming! His best friend is Maverick and he is learning how to play fetch.
Diana             Surrey, BC

Copper is an F1b midsize goldendoodle

This is Copper, our forty-six pound medium goldendoodle! He has been a fantastic addition to our family! He instantly bonded with our daughter and is such a friendly loyal companion!! He is very playful but likes to cuddle too! His coat is beautiful- no shedding or matting. Thank you Carolynn and Eugene. We are so glad we waited to finally bring him home. He was worth the wait!

Regina, SK
Lola is a bright, intuitive, curious and loyal 3 year old Goldendoodle. Lola came to live with us as a puppy from Peaches and Cream Goldendoodles. Carolynn was masterful in her ability to pinpoint the temperament of her puppies . I am a piano teacher and needed a pup that would thrive in a busy environment with children coming and going, but also would be able to calm down when the lessons started. Lola greets my students with enthusiasm, then curls up next to the piano during lessons. This trait of simply wanting to do what we are doing includes observing us as we cook, swimming in the lake, going for car rides and watching movies. She is content to be together with us in most any activity.
  Lola does have a special ability which surfaced at 6 months . I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and my blood sugar control was turbulent. Lola and I were taking many walks each day, as she was a very high energy puppy. During the walks I would often go low and Lola must have become sensitized to this. As a result of this " training" Lola has become my self-appointed diabetic alert dog . She sleeps next to my bed and wakes me if I go low in the night by gently holding my arm in her mouth. I am not able to sense my low sugars while asleep, so Lola does it for me. She is extraordinary! Lola enjoys socializing with other dogs and we go to the off leash park daily for a big run and play. Lola has matured into a phenomenal dog, and is a part of everything we do as a family. Her particular blend of intelligence and goofiness charms everyone she meets!  Cheryl, Saskatoon